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Children’s Furniture

Kids outgrow their clothes really fast and you don’t want them to outgrow their furniture just as quickly. When it’s time to shop for kids’ furniture, it’s important to keep their personal needs and interests in mind. It is important to pay attention to furniture durability and style, in order to ensure children’s bedrooms remain kid-friendly havens for years to come.

Childrens’s beds are the most important piece of furniture once little ones graduate from the crib. When deciding on the best bed for your child, you should always consider bedroom size and available storage space. Kids’ loft beds, for instance, maximize floor space by integrating a desk, drawers, and sleeping space into one multifunctional unit. When siblings share rooms, space-saving twin bunk beds are a great alternative to standalone twin beds, and many kids really love this set up. Bunk beds that separate into stand alone twin beds have a longer lifespan than standard bunk beds, for the simple reason that kids outgrow the stacked camp cabin style.

Individual twin beds can offer hidden storage and classic detailing that allow kids to grow into their bedrooms as they become more independent. Twin trundle beds with drawers beneath the bed frame not only give kids additional stowaways for clothing and keepsakes, but also provide organizational areas to prevent the notorious under-the-bed mess. A variety of kids’ bed frame styles and materials, such as dark wooden sleigh beds and delicate metallic canopy beds, can set a distinct & versatile design theme for the rest of your child’s bedroom.

To make sure kids get a good night’s sleep with plush pillow-top twin size mattresses. Parents on a budget can choose high quality basic twin size mattresses that adequately support kids’ growing bodies. Buying mattresses for teenagers? You may want to get a roomier full size mattresses that better accommodate those sudden growth spurts.

Boys & Girls Bedroom Furniture Styles

Shopping for kids’ furniture doesn’t end with the bed frame and mattress.  At Mishawaka Furniture, we offer complementary furniture pieces for creating a completely furnished room. You can opt for kids’ bedroom collections complete with coordinating bed, dresser, bookcases, desk, and even seating. Generally, these collections come in traditional styles that boys and girls typically enjoy no matter their favorite fads. As they grow, furnishings can remain the same, while alternating bedding, window treatments and wall coverings for quick room décor updates. A little parental planning goes a long way when purchasing youth bedroom sets. Girls might be into princesses one day and fashion the next, and boys might leap from dinosaurs to football as they get older. Choosing kids’ furniture with their ever-changing tastes can seem like a big challenge, but let our sales associates help you choose the right boys or girls bedroom furniture styles.

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